Taken off Type II Diabetes Medication: A Customer's Story

We received a call from a customer whose Doctor had taken her off Type II Diabetes medication for the first time in her adult life. She explained how she had been drinking our coffee for two years, four cups daily. Two cups in the morning and two cups in the afternoon. She had seen a health segment about our product on CBS and knew there was something that would benefit her health in our product.

To watch the CBS special segment, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cECWtux5dQM.

She told of how prior to drinking our coffee, her hair had been brittle, thin and discolored. Her nail growth, both finger and toenail, were bumpy and weak. Her skin color was ashy and grey. This was distressing to her after a life-long career in cosmetology. She dismissed the decline in her personal appearance to stress related to losing her husband and financial challenges. She called to tell us that due to losing 40 lbs ( and changing nothing in her diet or lifestyle ) her doctor took her off diabetes medication. Her hair growth and hair color returned to near normal. Her finger and toenail growth the same, normal. She told us how she receives compliments almost daily about her beautiful rosy skin which she said is now smooth and supple. Our product is high in alpha- hydroxyl acid which is a known beauty product ingredient. She ended the story by telling us that she was 82 years old and had been on diabetes medication for over 45 years. Her Doctor told her that whatever she was doing she should continue.

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