Our Commitment To Excellence

Thank you for checking out our first contribution to a long overdue effort. As the owner of Tieman’s I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You if you are a current customer and thank you for considering our coffee for your sacred experience.

Please allow me to provide some detail to our story. Since our inception we believed that we could benefit the everyday nutrition routines of people. At our core is the belief that the Human Body is the miracle and that when provided a nutrient dense supply of food the body can heal from anything. We believed that we could impact the lives of people desiring to feel better daily in a sustainable manner; smooth-clean energy with improved immune and digestive benefit. Along this path we discovered that our natural combination of Matcha, Rooibos and Goji has an amazing list of benefits; partial list as follows:

  • Matcha, Rooibos and Goji all have anti-inflammatory benefits

  • Sustained, non jittery energy with significant mental focus

  • Strengthened immune system through improved digestion tract

  • Antioxidant benefit 5x daily need, tremendous detoxifying benefit

When we entered the marketplace we chose the natural grocery retail environment as the best way to prove our product value and acceptance to What we discovered is the customers that shop at Whole Foods, Sprout’s and other stores are a highly discernible audience and tired of being cheated. Many companies over promise and we also knew that. We made the commitment to never cut product integrity for profit, in fact when coffee prices spiked to all time highs in recent years we held our pricing, improved ingredient suppliers and believed that our customers would appreciate our commitment, and that really paid off in loyalty. Today, we enjoy receiving nothing but praise for our product. I do not share that arrogantly, because our commitment to excellence provides the customer with satisfaction.

I can tell you with great confidence that the promise we make to you is true and it is real. Once again the Human Body is the Miracle. Provide the body what it needs and a better quality of life is possible for us all. Thank you for your interest, your continued support and hopefully your referrals.

John Sweeney

EVP Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

Cell 949-230-0501 E john@tiemans.com

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